One of our Advocate editors, Marlena Chavira Medford, sent me this Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau video today. Aside from an appearance by our District 1 City Council member Delia Jasso, it completely misses Oak Cliff. Ya’all watch it and tell me if you catch the faintest whiff of our neighborhood. If it’s there, I must have blinked.

I hate to rag on this video too much because clearly, it took a lot of effort. And it has an original song. And that is certainly … a song … that has words and is set to music. I have watched it over and over, and each time I am dazzled by the celebrity of my tween/teen crushes, the former Vanilla Ice/Tony Casillas, respecitvely. But it’s … I’m … the dancing and the … Caraway … OK, I’m going to go watch it one more time.