Who’s got the best tacos? TacOCliff is trying to find out

There are so many taquerias and Mexican restaurants in Oak Cliff that we might never try them all. Some of them are too scary. If Oak Cliff generally is overlooked by everyone, couldn’t that include health inspectors? It’s troubling because surely there are some hidden gems out there.

Two brave eaters are solving that problem. David and Alison Thompson have launched a blog dedicated entirely to eating tacos in Oak Cliff. It’s called TacOCliff — cute. They eat at a different place every week and blog about what they ate. Here is a link.

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  2. Taco Monster January 21, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    Great idea. It’s about time someone did this. Some of those hole in the wall taco shops can be daunting but undoubtedly that’s where you’ll find the best food. Keep up the good work.

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