Pastry chef Samantha Rush told me that her $5.25 "cupcake in a jar" started out as a joke. It’s cake baked in a jar, dolloped with icing and sold with a little spoon tied to the lid. And this "joke" is getting a lot of attention — a couple of magazines are featuring the item soon. She says she didn’t mean for cupcake in a jar to be her brand ambassador, but it’s working out OK. People love it.

Rush Patisserie, which is on El Dorado Avenue near Spiral Diner, is a good place to pick up morning pastries for yourself or co-workers whom you really, really love. And on Friday and Saturday nights, Rush sells fresh baguettes. It’s best to call ahead with orders because once they’re gone, they’re gone. The number is 214.749.4040.

Here is a little video from our photo shoot at Rush, which is the subject of our Delicious feature this month.