For me, Herrera’s sets the standard for cheese enchiladas. It is a sinful, gluttonous pleasure of melty cheese and chile con carne, which is like gravy, not that enchilada sauce that Tex-Mex joints typically serve. It is Tex-Mex at its finest.

A friend and I go there sometimes, but not very often because of the gluttony part. And the other day, I messaged her breathlessly, "Did you know there’s a Herrera’s in Oak Cliff?"

"No," she replied. "Is it the same?"

I didn’t know, so I decided to take 1,200 calories or so for the team. Herrera’s in Oak Cliff doesn’t serve the yummy pinto bean soup that I’ve had at other locations. At least, they didn’t serve it during lunch this week. But the enchiadas are pretty much the same — authentic Tex-Mex. It’s the kind of meal I would eat on my birthday (between donuts and fried chicken) or as a reward for completing a triathlon or something. Herrera’s is the perfect place for dietary sins, and it’s byob.