Finally got over to Hula Hotties Cafe for lunch this week. The owners created a new menu, which still includes some items from the old menu, including the tropical chicken salad and the best tilapia sandwich I’ve ever had.

One thing to remember about Hula Hotties is that you should go there when you have time for a long lunch or dinner. Usually, there’s only one cook in the kitchen, either owner Jill Inforzato or her husband and business partner, Roger Simpson. So if you order right at noon, it could take 30 minutes or longer before your food comes. But make time for Hula Hotties because the food is consistently good and unique.

On Thursdays, Hula Hotties offers spaghetti and garlic bread for $6.

We tried the hula brisket sandwich, which is $9 and comes with a side. It’s a half-pound of brisket with sweet barbecue sauce served on a homemade Hawaiian roll with cabbage. Sweet, messy goodness. And instead of potato macaroni salad, which I usually order, I tried the macaroni and cheese, which did not disappoint.