Summer camp sounds a little boring to 12-year-old Quinn Torres. The seventh grader at Spence Talented and Gifted Academy would rather learn math.

“I thought he’d like to take freshman algebra this summer,” says his mom, Lea Ann Stundins.

Stundins, the woman behind Mommy’s Wish List, asked Mountain View College to accept him for summer school, and after a meeting with department heads and higher ups, they agreed. So Quinn is taking an accelerated college algebra course next month.

Quinn Torres

As part of the Duke Talent Identification Program, Torres took the ACT in February and got a composite score of 25. In math and science, he scored 26. The average composite score for high school seniors taking the college entrance exam nationwide last year was 21.1. The average score for a DISD senior was 17. Next week, Quinn will attend a ceremony at Duke where he’ll receive a medal for his high score.

Aside from math and science, Quinn likes to play video games and read. He plays the piano, and as a sixth-grader, he got into the eighth-grade advanced class at Spence. Next, he wants to learn how to cook. And he wants to attend the science and engineering magnet at Townview.

Quinn is young for a seventh-grader — he turns 13 this summer, and he looks even younger, his mom says. But she says he’s excited about his first college course, and so is she.

“And it’s cheaper than summer camp,” she says.