Did you know that local animal control departments were originally created to protect the public from the spread of rabies by requiring all pets be vaccinated annually?  According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, the last human case of rabies in Dallas County was in 1956, so it is clearly working.  But rabies is still a threat.  There have already been two reported cases of rabies in Dallas County this year – one in a skunk and the other in a horse.  Just one unvaccinated dog or cat exposed to rabies by an infected animal can pose a serious health risk to anyone it comes in contact with.  Please vaccinate and register your pet, for your own safety and your neighbors.

You can read more about Dallas’ ordinances affecting pets in the July issue being delivered now.  The  Texas Department of Health Services has more information on rabies cases, maps and statistics, and Dallas Animal Services can help register your pet.