John Slate, author of "Historical Dallas Parks", is also the City of Dallas archivist

This week’s Advocate radio interview (Listen: Interview-John Slate) is with John Slate, city archivist, who was not here on official City of Dallas business, but just as an author discussing his book, “Historic Dallas Parks.”

Slate tells us about what he considers some of the more interesting stories and legends behind the parks—Hattie Rankin Moore Park, for example, is named for a woman who theorized parks and recreation could keep troubled youth out of prison and the electric chair.

He explains some of the book’s images, such as the cover that bears a photo of “cotton mill” children participating in field day at Trinity Play Park in 1915, and the old Lake Cliff pool.

Slate is also the keeper of official JFK assassination archives; and he even has a movie roll on his resume. Being an awfully good sport, he answers our questions about both. Listen to Interview-John Slate.