The only restaurant I’ve tried lately is Tei-An, the Japanese noodle house in One Arts Plaza. I went for the summer special, cold ramen, which is $11 at lunchtime or $14 at dinner. It was terrific, and now I want to try everything on Tei-An’s extensive menu. In fact, I’ve decided to go there for my birthday this year. So I recommend that place, but it’s not in Oak Cliff.

So let’s talk about what’s going on in the Oak Cliff restaurant scene.

Casa Blanca closed. If you’re keeping score, that makes three Bishop Arts District restaurants that have closed lately. The others are Vitto Italian and Cafe Madrid.

But some new things are planned down there, including something new from former Lola chef David Uygur, who says he expects his new place to open in the fall near Dude, Sweet Chocolate. And Eno’s has announced a new concept for the old Vitto spot.

Two restaurants in the district are celebrating anniversaries. Zen Sushi has been open three years, and to celebrate, chef Michelle Carpenter is offering $3 sushi and hot sake all weekend. Cafe Brazil has been open for two years at Bishop and Davis, and they are planning a celebration for Thursday, Aug. 5, which we’re told will include free food. As soon as they tell us more about that, we’ll post it here.