Ron and Corinna Wills opened Beckley BrewHouse in 2006, and business has grown every year at this neighborhood coffee shop/bar. But now, the husband-and-wife team is moving back home to the West Coast and will be selling the BrewHouse any day now, they say.

No word on who the new owners will be, but the restaurant will remain the same-maybe just a few tweaks here and there. The Wills have had a good run in Oak Cliff. With no experience in the restaurant business, they renovated the building at Beckley and Zang, which used to be a crack house, and turned it into a laid-back hangout for locals. Ron Wills says they opened the BrewHouse amid some of the worst economic times and still managed to thrive.

“If you can survive in this industry in a recession, that’s pretty good,” he says.