Councilmen Delia Jasso and David Neumann will be present to give and gather input at a budget town hall meeting next Tuesday night, Aug. 17 at Methodist hospital’s Hitt Auditorium. Neumann will hold another meeting Thursday, Aug. 19 at Kiest Recreation Center, and Jasso will hold a second meeting on Monday, Aug. 30 at the Martin Weiss Recreation Center.

Contributing editor Jeff Siegel has had quite a bit to say on the subject on the Advocate Back Talk blog, whether it’s the budget winners and losersheliports, or an entire podcast devoted to the budget crisis.

If you want to hear about the process of slashing more than $130 million from the budget straight from the horse’s mouth, tune in to KERA-TV’s interview program “Think” with Krys Boyd this Friday, Aug. 13 at 7 p.m. In this episode, Boyd talks with Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm about what the budget cuts mean to public safety and city services in the coming year.