WFAA picked up our story about the “West Dallas Country Club” and the Dumpster pool that Oak Cliff neighbors Mariana Griggs, Zac Lytle and others built on Griggs’s urban farm. That story ran Monday night on Channel 8. And yesterday CNN picked up the WFAA story.

Way to go, West Dallas Country Club.

The first Dumpster pool is a prototype, and they would like to put another a Dumpster pool “somewhere on Davis” as part of a public event, Lytle says. [The next CRAVE is Sept. 12. Just sayin’.] That would require life guards and probably some other hurdles like insurance and permits. But it would be cool, and it shows that even when the city can’t afford to open our public pools, Oak Cliff finds a way to do it ourselves.

As Lytle says: “Oak Cliff is great because any time you come up with some crazy idea like a Dumpster pool, there are always people who want to help you do it.”