Cute couple alert. Oak Cliff’s “It” crowd — the people who make it happen — is the focus of the Observer’s cover story this week. That’s at least the second time this summer that our neighborhood has been on the weekly newspaper’s cover.

Confession: I’ve only skimmed the piece, which I reckon to be some 3,000 words. But Scott and Mariana Griggs look super cute on the cover, doing their best American Gothic pose. And the inside includes photos and profiles of neighbors, including Andrew Howard and his goats, Jason and Andrea Roberts, Zac and Heather Lytle, and Chris and Jessica Jeffers.

Throughout the story, writer Andrea Grimes uses the term “bikos” to describe these Oak Cliff idealists. It’s a term that her colleague, Jim Schutze, coined several months ago when he wrote a shorter story about the same people. It’s cute they came up with their own term for people who live in Oak Cliff, but I suspect it is a portmanteau of “bike” and “psycho”, so I don’t use it. Our photo editor barked at me today for calling them “utopians”, so it’s hard to put it into a word.

But it’s terrific that these … neighbors are in the spotlight. Bring on Anderson Cooper.