Like watching “An Inconvenient Truth” or “Food Inc.”, I really don’t want to look at Dallas restaurant inspection scores. I’m afraid that — while I know I’ll learn something valuable — it will be disturbing. Recently, though, I came across this site that, among other things, lists poor and failing restaurants in one neat list. It’s updated monthly and I can’t resist visiting it regularly.

But I was relieved this month. None of our neighborhood restaurants are on the list.

The nearest restaurants on the ick list include the taqueria inside Elmer’s Ice House on Riverfront Blvd., which got a 76. That’s not failing, but it is low enough to require a follow-up visit. Hall’s Chicken in Red Bird scored 74. And the Original Henderson’s Chicken on South Loop 12 scored a 73.

The city’s web site allows you to search for restaurant scores by zip code.