It’s phrase that’s pretty much dead with the vote Tuesday to lift dry laws that have governed Oak Cliff since 1957.

But my friend, Oak Cliff native Sean Wood, reminds me that “going across” is an esoteric term that spanned several generations.

It refers, of course, to crossing the Trinity River to buy beer, wine and liquor — usually on Indust … er … Riverfront Blvd.

I’ll use it in a sentence: “Hey, I’m going across; y’all need anything?”

Pretty soon, we’ll be able to buy beer and wine right here in Oak Cliff.

It’s going to be strange to see Bud Light signs in my neighborhood 7-Eleven and wine shelves at my Fiesta.

The vote also lifts the “club membership” requirement for restaurants and bars, but liquor sales are still prohibited in Oak Cliff. You have to go across for that.