We got this email from Yvonne Fritz a few weeks ago:

“I just saw the [Old Oak Cliff Conservation League Fall Home Tour] slideshow you produced and was amazed to see my old home at 1134 Pioneer Dr. in Elmwood.

“I am 74 and lived there from the time I was born until I married in 1959.  My parents lived there until 1981.”

Turns out the home belongs to Lauren and David Schneider, a young couple who bought the house a few years ago.

The Schneiders have renovated the house. They painted the exterior, changed the front doors, put in some new flooring and cabinets, redesigned the landscaping, changed up the floorplan slightly. And when they covered up the original medicine cabinet during the bathroom renovation, they wrote a note about themselves, the house and their work on it. And they nailed the note inside the cabinet for some future homeowner to find.

They are curious about the 1925 home’s history, so they were thrilled to invite Yvonne Fritz and her husband, Bob, for an afternoon visit this past weekend.

Mrs. Fritz loves  the home’s new look. She took pictures of the rooms, asked lots of questions and told stories. She left the Schneiders with black-and-white photos of the house, as well as a deeper understanding of their 85-year-old home.

Watch video from their visit after the jump.