The lawsuit asking for voiding the election on Proposition 1 (sale of beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores) was filed on Friday.  Among the reasons stated as to why the election should be voided:  Because the valid signatures  on the petition were not properly certified prior to calling the election and because historically dry areas like Oak Cliff should have their votes counted separately from the city-wide vote.  Interesting points that the City of Dallas has disputed  for several months.

Another interesting point:  The transmittal letter to the district clerk states, in this election contest, that the district judges in Dallas County should be disqualified from hearing the case and requests a special judge (presumably from outside Dallas County) to be appointed to hear the case in Dallas County.  Stay tuned on that issue.

In the meantime and since no injunction was requested, TABC should be accepting applications.  In anticipation of permits being issued in the near future, some grocery stores are already re-modeling to put in coolers for beer and wine.