Wet Oak Cliff: Hearing date set for lawsuit

A hearing has been set for January 18 on the lawsuit that seeks to stop TABC from issuing permits for retail sales of beer and wine in formerly-dry parts of Dallas.   So far, no permits have been issued for Oak Cliff and, currently, only 3 permit applications for Oak Cliff (Zip Code 75208) convenience stores are pending before TABC, primarily because all applications must go through city and county review first before being sent to TABC for final approval.  As for the vote that approved restaurant sales of wine, beer and mixed drinks in Oak Cliff, this litigation does not affect that vote.  But there is only 1 pending permit application before the TABC for an Oak Cliff restaurant.  Most Oak Cliff restaurants are relying on their private club permit to serve their customers and will file an application for a restaurant permit when their private club license expires.

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