Or, as Rudy Bush at Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper now calls him, “Yes I’m still” Mayor Tom Leppert.

What will we miss? Leppert’s ability to turn every piece of bad news into another “Ho hum, why are we worrying about this?” moment. The most recent occurred during Wednesday’s discussion of the potential $96 million deficit in next year’s budget. Said the mayor: “There’s no budget process in the world that doesn’t start with a lot more wants than we have resources. And that’s the situation that we have here.”

All we want in Dallas is to fix the pot holes and keep enough cops on the street to worry the criminals a little. Who knew that was “a lot more wants”?

Unfortunately, I’m on a wine trip next week and won’t be able to keep up with all this hilarity. But Wamre has promised to take notes for me, and I’m sure there will be plenty for me to write about when I return.