There is hardly a more trendy restaurant in Dallas than Oddfellows. It was even mentioned in the New York Times, in a story that called Bishop Arts a “hipster enclave”.

The restaurant is always busy on the weekends, and this past Saturday, we took the last available table at 11 a.m. This was my first time to eat at Oddfellows since opening day and an occasional coffee.

But someone had recommended the whole-wheat pancake, so that’s what I ordered. And it was delicious, crispy around the edges and with a hint of cinnamon, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Maybe “whole wheat” sounds healthy, but don’t worry, the pancake is served glistening with butter.

We also tried cheese grits, which gave us Threadgill’s flashbacks. And instead of coffee, we ordered hot tea, which was almost $4, but it was a very tasty chai blend.

With a serving of fruit, the bill was almost $13. Not an everyday breakfast on my budget, but fun and tasty on occasion.