A few weeks ago, my friend who lives in Denver had the tailgate stolen off his truck in broad daylight in the Bishop Arts District. He was livid. And he texted me something like “keep it classy, Oak Cliff.” I gritted my teeth.

What are you gonna do? Such annoying thefts are expected in urban neighborhoods, but dang. Why does it have to be in our tourist district?

Evidently, car break-ins have been common there lately. Here’s an update from Tillman’s Roadhouse owner Sara Tillman, via the Bishop Arts District Merchants Association:

On Friday, my hostess was parked in the lot belonging to the funeral home, in the daytime, and her car was stolen.  She had left her backpack in view, probably why it was broken into.  They took the car and used her debit card within minutes.

On Sunday night, one of our customers driving a Hummer had his car broken into around 8 or 8:30 p.m.

Terry from Hattie’s told me one of their customers at lunch last week had his car broken into during lunchtime.  Had left his laptop and briefcase in seat.

Where ever you park, don’t leave stuff in your car.