I couldn’t resist telling you about this one. Pete Freedman over at the Observer posted something Monday about Oak Cliff rapper Lil Twist’s new video for “Love Affair” featuring Lil Wayne. (They’re both so Lil! It’s cute.)

The song is from 18-year-old Twist’s debut album, “Don’t Get it Twisted”, which is to be released on Young Money Entertainment in June.

Freedman’s assessment of Twist is hilar: “What the crap?” The kid is an auto-tuned ball of wackness, after all.

But so is much of pop music: Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Wale, etc.

Here’s something scary about pop music: mysterious youtube sensation and supposed 13-year-old Rebecca Black. Is her song any less annoying or silly than “Love Affair”? Not in my opinion. And Rolling Stone basically called her the future of pop. I told you it was scary.