Meat Loaf is from North Dallas. It's true.

Did you know there is a basement in the Texas Theatre? There is. I was lured down there late one night after a tequila or two.

The entry to this small, dank room is in the men’s toilet. And once you’re underground with the mop bucket and bare light bulb, inhaling mildew, you’ll want to be standing next to someone you trust. It’s rather creepy.

We’ve heard rumor of an event taking place in this basement Saturday, March 26. Maybe it’s a prayer meeting. Maybe it’s bingo. I don’t know their life.

The Texas Theatre guys assure me it is not a movie that rhymes with kite flub. And the password is not … something I can print here. But you can guess. Try saying the name of a certain affliction suffered by one Robert Paulson.