Bonus material: Vern Evans’ concert photos at The Kessler

Iggy Pop at the Agora Ballroom in the late '70s ©Vern Evans

Next time you visit The Kessler Theater, make sure to look around. In the upstairs gallery, The Kessler’s artistic director, Jeffrey Liles, has displayed late ‘70s–early ‘80s concert photography from well-known portrait photographer (and Liles’ childhood friend) Vern Evans.

Evans, based in L.A., has shot everyone from Harrison Ford to Sugar Ray Leonard, but 35 years ago he and Liles were just J.J. Pearce High School students. They used fake IDs to sneak into concerts and quickly snap photos with their 35mm cameras (photography was prohibited at the shows). Little did they know that the shots they were getting would one day be iconic.

Some of what they shot is now on display at The Kessler: U2 opening for a wet, T-shirt contest at a club on Northwest Highway, Joan Jett and The Runaways with The Ramones at Fort Worth’s Panther Hall and Iggy Pop at the Agora Ballroom (pictured here).

The exhibit is on display until the first week in July and is free to the public. Evans’ photographs are priced between $900–$1,200.

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