Since as long ago as March, the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce’s legislative affairs committee has been busy taking stands against a “cuts only” philosophy when approaching the 2012-2013 budget, and instead favoring solely using the Rainy Day Fund to close the gap. Scott Chase, a regular neighborhood blogger who is also the chamber’s legislative committee chairman, has been keeping us updated with press releases and brochures stating the chamber’s position, which was endorsed by its board of directors.

Why would it behoove a local business organization to take this kind of stance? Because “unless business leaders, like the Oak Cliff Chamber, do not come forward to advocate for a balanced approach, the ‘cuts only’ strategy will cause the state to fall behind in competitiveness with other states,” chamber president Bob Stimson stated in a press release. “Investments in public infrastructure, such as education, will strengthen the Texas economy.”

Chase, who is extremely proud of Oak Cliff being the first chamber in the state to call for the Legislature to use the Rainy Day Fund, wrote a full essay on the topic. He also notes that the chamber resolution was used as a template by Travis County in its letter to the Legislature. From the latest news, it looks as though the chamber may get its wish before the regular 82nd session closes May 30.

Speaking of the Oak Cliff Chamber, have you seen its new website?