Welcome to this week’s installment of the Aunt Stelle’s report.

The problem I had with cinnamon, I think, was anticipation. Thoughts of cinnamon sno cones overcame me at inappropriate times, like during work and in bed. You might notice I’m going out of alphabetical order here. That’s how excited I was to taste the cinnamon flavor. I had to have it Friday. Over the week, I imagined a cinnamon sno cone would taste like Big Red gum in liquid form over ice. In reality, not so much. It does taste like cinnamon, sort of, but it doesn’t have that spicy kick I wanted.

Cinnamon goes under the category “flavors to mix”. The guy in line ahead of me ordered half pink lady and half cinnamon. I can get on board with that combo.

Next up was chocolate. When I decided to take on this very serious and socially significant journalistic endeavor, my boyfriend was like, “ALL of them? Even chocolate? Chocolate is going to be awful.” Not that he ever tried it. Chocolate is not awful at all. It’s not really that chocolatey, but I’m going to also give it the “flavors to mix” classification. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, since all great journalists must take risks, and guess that a really bitchin’ sno cone would be chocolate, raspberry and cola. I think it might taste like Dr. Pepper. I don’t know. Maybe you should try it and report back to us. We could probably win a Pullitzer together.

Cherry is a go-to flavor. Not sure what to get? Order cherry, you unimaginative sod.

See you next week!