In the summertime when I was a little kid, my mom used to take us to the public pool in our hometown. Going to the pool was a treat, and we would stay there all day, swimming and taking breaks on our Wonder Woman beach towels, trying to knock the water out of our ears. Either they didn’t know about the dangers of UV rays in the 70s, or they didn’t care. Because my mom would slather herself in coconut-scented suntan oil from that brown plastic bottle with the gold letters. She could get really dark.

That’s what a coconut sno cone from Aunt Stelle’s tastes like. It’s light blue, like at the first of summer before the pool gets all murky from people’s filth, but it doesn’t really stain your tongue. I never would’ve ordered this flavor, but now I recommend it if you like coconut.

By the way, sno cones are not just for people. When I was there last Sunday, Aunt Stelle’s owner Lee Albert passed a cone of shaved ice to a woman whose German Shepherd needed a drink. So here is a gratuitous picture of a dog eating a sno cone.

While I’m showing you pictures, here is one of the line at Aunt Stelle’s from Sunday night. It took about 20 minutes to get my sno cone from here. It’s worth it, though.

I forgot to get a sno cone on Saturday, so on Sunday, I ordered half grape, half cola, since I am dedicated to trying three flavors a week. It was actually a pretty good combination, but I my brother told me he gets half cola and half raspberry, which sounds better. I can’t wait to try raspberry. Come on R’s!