These mayoral candidates have been debating their faces off in advance of the June 18 runoff election. They even debated on camera for the Advocate. We’ve broken that 40-minute debate into short segments and sorted those into categories by topic. Watch them here.

The candidates also answered questions about historic preservation and issues pertinent to residents of historic districts in a debate this past Monday. The DMN’s Rudy Bush reports on that here.

If you still have questions, here is an opportunity to see former Dallas police chief David Kunkle and former Pizza Hut chief Mike Rawlings debate in person.

The Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce is hosting a mayoral debate at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 9, at Methodist hospital’s Hitt Auditorium, at Colorado and Bishop. Shelley Kofler of KERA will moderate.

Early voting runs through Tuesday, June 13.