Seth and Shawn Magill, the husband and wife who comprise the band Home By Hovercraft, perform this weekend at the Kessler Theater. Dan Dyer and Josh Weathers & the True Endeavors also perform.

We interviewed the Magills for a story about Home By Hovercraft in the June Advocate, and we couldn’t resist mentioning their love story. The Magills knew each other as children when Seth’s mom rented the garage apartment behind Shawn’s parents’ East Dallas home.

Shawn’s family moved away from Dallas when she was a kid, and Seth stayed here and went to Bryan Adams High School. But their parents remained friends, and they would see each other now and then. Seth’s mom used to nudge him toward Shawn, but they were never romantically interested until they got together on New Year’s Day in 2000. And they married three months later.

Not surprising, these two make beautiful music together. Check out this video of them performing at the Bryan Street Tavern in May. That’s Seth’s sister on percussion — she’s a well-known Irish folk dancer.