Solving parking woes: How about a city-funded garage?

The fact that parking is a problem in the Jefferson-Bishop Arts area isn’t new; the fact that people are starting to consider legitimate options to resolve the issue is.

The DMN has a good story (behind its paywall) discussing the various options to relieve existing parking woes (cars spilling into surrounding neighborhoods) and to locate more spaces to help entice visitors. There’s some talk in the DMN story about a park-and-ride system and pedicabs, and although those are worthy thoughts, they’re not the kind of ideas likely to work in Dallas, where for better or worse people seem to like keeping their cars close when they go somewhere.

Something that might make sense is an idea we asked then-candidate Mike Rawlings about during our pre-election video interviews. Since the city has been so gung-ho about spending taxpayer money Downtown (convention center hotel, super bridges and Trinity Tollroad), why couldn’t the city issue revenue bonds for, say, a parking garage or two in the Bishop Arts and Jefferson areas? Parking garages make money (hence the ability to issue revenue bonds), and running a garage is something the city should be able to handle if it believes it can run a hotel.

For businesses in the neighborhood to permanently grow and flourish, permanent parking solutions need to be found. Now-Mayor Rawlings indicated a willingness to consider the idea when he was running for the office; it’s time to see exactly what he had in mind.

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  1. Stephen July 18, 2011 at 1:02 PM

    I’ve wondered why this isn’t a solution for more areas in Dallas where there is a lot of entertainment packed into a small area without much parking. If a parking garage hasn’t gone up in the Cedar Springs entertainment district by now, I have doubts that our leaders have the will to put one up in Oak Cliff any time soon.

  2. MissTigra July 15, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    I think this a great idea. Much better than the bike/ride or “deal with it” options that are pretty prevalent in this discussion. As a person who lives on Bishop I LOVE that the neighborhood is a place where so many people are flocking to visit and spend money. I have encountered people from outside of Dallas proper (Richardson, Lewisville, North of 635) who love BAD and visit frequently. Those individuals should definitely be considered in the discussion – having them bike or ride public transit may not be an option so a parking garage would be ideal. Great suggestion – lets hope the New Mayor gives it serious consideration. Better yet…let’s make sure we – as the community – follow up and make sure the option gets on the voting table!

  3. AskTheMexican July 15, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    This is such a great idea for this ever growing community. I believe we should not rule out those not wanting to ride a bike or take public transit, however, should equally consider all parties within a community, whether they are bit lazy, or have physical disabilities, or whatever the situation is, they all come to the bishop arts to visit their favorite spots and keep the community business’s in business and the community alive. Also, community activist are doing a fantastic job trying to make this community livable and a walkable one, unfortunately not everyone is on the same page and probably won’t be any time soon, so accommodating both parties can be beneficially impacting for the good of the community. Kudos to everyone making a positive difference!

  4. Granny July 14, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    Thank you for an excellent suggestion. I applaud the efforts of activists in Bishop Arts, but it’s discouraging to hear them say that people need to “ride a bike or walk” to events such as the Bastille Day celebration. Some of us are too old for bikes (don’t have enough eyesight anymore) and walking a lot in this heat is not a good idea for over-70s. Only one of us drives now, and we’d gladly pay to park in a garage…and we’d spend a few coins the BAD, too.

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