You may have noticed that Lockhart Smokehouse, the barbecue joint with the slogan “No Forks! No Sauce! No Kidding!,” now has both sauce and forks … go figure.

General Manager Dani Munley says she can explain: At the customers’ request, the restaurant debuted five sauces on Father’s Day and have been carefully analyzing the response since. Right now — free of charge — they have a traditional Jack Daniels sauce, a mayonnaise-based sauce, a mustard-based sauce, a honey sauce and a spicy sauce to tingle everyone’s taste buds. Soon, the owners will narrow down the selection to one or two of the most popular sauces and will then have them available for purchase.

As for the forks, it’s actually a charitable enterprise. Lockhart Smokehouse is currently offering them in exchange for donations to go toward a new fire system for The Kessler School. Once the “forks for fire pulls” operation has ceased, Munley suspects they will continue to offer forks as a way to gather donations for other charitable organizations and neighborhood causes.