The Advocate pets issue is here. We chose a picture of Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy Mabel for the cover. But Emmitt the bulldog steals the show as the star of Advocate photographer Benjamin Hager’s video, below. Emmitt’s dad, Moises Almanderiz, works for Mountain View College, and he just moved to Oak Cliff this past spring.

We also featured Bishop Arts District gift shop Fête-ish, whose owner, employees and friends foster dogs from DFW Rescue Me. So far, at least nine dogs have been adopted out of the store. And their customers have helped raise more than $800 for the nonprofit, which rescues dogs set for euthanasia at Dallas Animal Services.

The city pound is teeming with animals, but groups like DFW Rescue Me have been able to keep any adoptable dogs from being put down for the past couple of years. Kathee Crough, who helps with the effort at Fête-ish and happens to be my across-the-street neighbor, told me that she used to volunteer at DAS, but it was so distressing that she was asked to find some place else to volunteer “because I care too much.”

Fête-ish employee David Giersch says they are thinking of ways to create public awareness about spaying and neutering pets in Oak Cliff. He mentioned they would like to bring pet population control information into public schools because “the kids educate the parents on these things.” Nice idea, but I told him I didn’t think that would work as it doesn’t fit with abstinence education.