Restaurant talk: Tortas La Hechizera

That's just half a sandwich from La Hechizera peeking out of the bag. Enchanting, yes?

Holy cow and pig, La Hechizera!

When we featured Jefferson Boulevard restaurants in the September Advocate, I had not yet tried this place, on Jefferson between Zang and Beckley. Otherwise, we would’ve included it.

A reader suggested Tortas La Hechizera after I reviewed the tortas at Flash a couple of weeks ago. I tried La Hechizera last week, and now I want to eat there all the time. We *think* hechizera means “enchantress”, and even if it doesn’t, that’s still what it is. I’m obsessed with her.

La Hechizera offers a menu of tortas, those  Mexico-style sandwiches, along with enchiladas, quesadillas and huaraches. But I’m there for the tortas, which come not just with lunchmeat or maybe some chicken or pork, but with many crazy combinations of things.

The first time, I ordered one that came with ham, chorizo and cheese, along with refried beans, avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion, with a dark red chile salsa on the side. It’s a huge sandwich, but it’s not messy, and each bite is mouthful of melty, cheesy, chorizo-y YES.

The second time, I ordered the D.F., which has all of the above, plus milanesa, which is like wiener schnitzel. I could live without the wiener schnitzel.

On the menu at La Hechizera, there are two what must be very, very grande sandwiches that cost $13.39. I didn’t see one, but the “Milenio” comes with ham, pork, turkey, beef fajita, hot dogs and two kinds of cheese. You know, plus the beans and avocado, etc.

The tortas at La Hechizera are big enough for two people, and at around $7 apiece, they make a delicious lunch for two.

La Hechizera doesn’t have a parking lot, so you have to find a meter on Jefferson. Inside, you’ll likely find a too-loud jukebox playing Spanish pop tunes and a few families eating. The cashiers speak English, which makes it less intimidating for a gringa like me.

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  1. Jose Gonzalez September 26, 2011 at 9:52 PM

    I see that you went to check them out. Now those are the best tortas!

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