Flash gets tortas right with big, freshly baked rolls.

I had a hankering for a torta a few weeks ago, so I text a friend: Who has the best tortas in Oak Cliff?

Her answer: Flash.

Flash, the ice cream place on West Davis?


OK, if you say so. I got on my bike and rode over. It’s next door to OC Smokehouse, the former Luckie’s, on West Davis between Clinton and Edgefield. But I didn’t get my torta that day. I forgot to bring a lock, and as I was wheeling my bike into the restaurant, a girl about 10 years old stopped me.

You can’t bring your bike in here, she told me.

Why not?

Because you just can’t.

I don’t know why they don’t allow bikes inside, and more important, I don’t know why I let a 10-year-old boss me like that.

But I didn’t hold it against them, and I went back this past Friday. The tortas at Flash are $5, and there are two kinds: turkey and ham. I ordered pig, of course. It comes with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado and mayo on big, tasty rolls from Vera’s and about a half cup of pickled jalapeño slices on the side.

Now, I prefer a torta with pastor or fajita, warm meat on a cold sandwich. So Flash loses a few points with the lunch-meat thing. But they get it right with the size of the sammy and the delicious, freshly baked bread. It’s a satisfying lunch for $5.

Flash also serves banana splits, ice cream scoops served in a melon half, smoothies, paletas and other ice cream treats. Plus ballpark-style nachos, which I appreciate. And some kind of fried tacos with potato, which I must try next time.