Automatically receive updates for favorite Google satellite photos

I keep checking the satellite photo of my home in Google maps, hoping that one of these days, I’ll see a expensive but debt-free sports car parked in my driveway and the car actually will be mine. Unfortunately, that day has not arrived yet, nor is predicting the future what this Google link is all about.

Instead of manually doing the checking whever you think about it, you can ask Google to automatically send you an update when the satellite imagery for your favorite location(s) is updated. The link is called Follow Your World, and you simply type in the address (or latitude and longitude, if you’re that kind of person) for the location you want to follow, and you’ll receive an email update when Google does one.

I wouldn’t call this a “must do” thing, but it’s kind of cool to see what your home, office, school or other neighborhood location looks like online before anyone else does.

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