The family injured in a Sept. 18 house fire near Illinois and Zang has sued Atmos Energy. Original reports stated lightening probably started the fire, but the lawsuit claims there was no lightening that night and places the blame on gas couplings that came loose.

We suspect City of Ate has a crush on Oddfellows chef Brady Williams. Who can blame them? So far, their three-part series on him has revealed he learned how to cook during an off-season job while playing minor league hockey Wichita Falls. And he loves Muchacos.

City of Ate also listed the burger at Smoke No. 5 on its highly controversial list of the city’s five best burgers. Whataburger is No. 2. Heck yeah.

Kim Pierce reviewed Mama Connie’s Diner on Beckley.

Theater Jones ran a Q&A with Teresa Wash of Oak Cliff’s TeCo Theatrical Productions. Her production of “Real Women Have Curves” runs through Oct. 23.