Redistricting petition to Department of Justice is available online

The city has sent its redrawn maps to the Department of Justice for approval. That’s the map that drew Oak Cliff/West Dallas councilman Scott Griggs out of his district. And Oak Cliff councilman Delia Jasso thinks the new lines weaken the Hispanic vote in her district.

There is a four-point minority report that some council members are sending to the Justice Department, asking them to challenge the map.

It states that the mayor held private meetings, which led to a map that “ignores citizen input but also that of the Redistricting Commission.”

The map “decimates” the fabric of Oak Cliff, splitting three similar neighborhoods near Kiest Park into three separate districts: “This deplorable indifference to considering and respecting our communities of interest occurs throughout District 3, as far north as Pinnacle Park and as far south as Mountain Creek.”

The petition states that the Voting Rights Act isn’t being applied to other parts of the city, and that Oak Cliff’s districts were unduly disturbed, while other parts of the city saw few changes: “Why isn’t North Dallas’ District 10 that contains Hamilton Park and a sizeable Black voting age population, redistricted into a winnable Black seat? Why isn’t Northwest Dallas that contains a substantial Hispanic voting age population, redistricted to contain a winnable Hispanic seat? Dallas’s diversity is citywide and redistricting should reflect that reality.”

Anyone can sign the petition online.

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  1. Kimindallas October 27, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    Maybe your article should include the fact that it was Ms. Jasso you negotiated this map with the Mayor, agreeing to it before ultimately voting against it. Sounds like talking out both sides of the fence in my opinion.

  2. Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    Remember, the Dallas City Council redistricting map that was submitted was only supported by 9 of the 15 City Council members. Dallas has a white population that is less than 29% of the total population but has sent to DOJ a map wherein 43% of the city council districts are white majority districts, and these “election results” are before there is any election! 

    This map has 5 districts that are over 50% white and one “coalition” district with a solid white majority of 42%. Again, remember that this is all before any voting happens. If redistricting is done correctly the distribution of the population should match the distribution of the districts. The distribution of majority districts should reflect the population. Who can or cannot vote should only make a difference in the voting booth, not in redistricting. 

    That needs to be repeated. “Who can or cannot vote should only make a difference in the voting booth, not in redistricting.”

    Redistricting should create a level playing field where everyone is counted the same.  Gerrymandering is the manipulation of this level playing field to manipulate the power of the voting booth before there is any voting. It is said that 85% of US legislative districts are now gerrymandered to the extent that the outcomes are known before the election. This designing of “Democratic” and “Republican” districts handicaps our nation! Thus we have the inaction we now have in Washington! In Dallas the divisions are along racial lines, but the results are the same.

    The power should only be in the voting booth, NOT at the redistricting table. Our soldiers are not dying to defend the right of the redistricting table to run our nation.

    The power of the redistricting table should ONLY be to create the level playing field so all potential, not actual but potential, voters have an equally powerful vote should they gain that right to vote. When the redistricting table manipulates the potential power of the vote, as it obviously has here in Dallas, and all across our nation, something is very wrong.

    Details on filing comments to DOJ about the Dallas City Council map are at

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