Height of buildings, width of sidewalks, storefronts that open to the street. These were three of the main problems the Fort Worth Avenue Development Group had with Sylvan | Thirty’s zoning change requests, submitted by the developers in August.

Sylvan | Thirty addresses those concerns in its most recent update on the iheartsylvanthirty.com website, which states that “the heights have been lowered significantly, as much as 20 percent in some areas and at least 16 percent in all areas … the pedestrian zone (distance from curb to building) will be 11.5 feet along Sylvan Avenue and 15 feet along Fort Worth Avenue … [and] we will be required to have building entrances along Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenues, as outlined by City Design Studio’s West Dallas Urban Structure Guidelines.”

The update also talks about bike racks, trees and sustainable elements, among other features. Sylvan | Thirty’s requested revisions to the zoning are slated to go before the Dallas Plan Commission on Thursday.

We’ve already heard rumblings that Fort Worth Avenue Development Group, which was the creator and is a major proponent of the Planned Development zoning that currently governs a good chunk of the Sylvan | Thirty property, isn’t satisfied with the changes. For example, current zoning calls for heights limited to 40 feet, and a 16-20 percent reduction from Sylvan | Thirty’s recently requested 95 feet would still allow structures that are 76-80 feet high.

We’ll check into it and keep you updated.