Dirt is going to start turning at Sylvan | Thirty.

City Council approved Oaxaca Partners’ request for a zoning change that will allow 70-foot tall buildings, among other considerations. A few people spoke against the zoning change, including Belmont Hotel owner Monte Anderson and Fort Worth Avenue Development Group president David Lyles. Opponents of the plan say the city should not be making changes to the planned development district, put in place about 10 years ago to define what type of developments neighbors wanted for Fort Worth Avenue.

Unfair Park has more details about what went down in City Hall chambers before the change was approved Wednesday.

Brent Jackson of Oaxaca says he now is working to finalize construction drawings, and then site work can begin. It should be about five months before building starts.

Cox Farms Market, anchor tenant for Sylvan | Thirty, had been slated to open in November 2012. That’s still the official date, but Jackson says it is likely to take several months longer. So we could be looking at early 2013 for Cox Farms in Oak Cliff.

UPDATE: Rudy Bush has the whole speech Monte Anderson wrote but which the mayor wouldn’t allow him to finish. Go read it.