Here comes the booze. A year after Dallas voted to make Oak Cliff wet, beer and wine stores are cropping up on West Davis.

Dan Beer and Wine opened last week on West Davis at Polk.

When I visited, they didn’t have their wine selection in stock yet, but the beer selection was pretty good. They have one full cooler of local and craft beers. That cooler also contained Rheingold, which I thought was interesting since I don’t recall seeing it in Dallas before, and it is neither craft nor local. Is it the new Pabst, the beer cool kids drink because it’s ironic? Anyway, we bought New Belgium Snow Day. It cost $8.99 for six.

Another store, North Oak Cliff Beer and Wine, is coming soon to the space on West Davis at Clinton, adjacent to Urban Acres. North Oak Cliff Beer & Wine is opening on the same block as Chelsmati’s Wine Market, which Oak Cliff resident Tina Acosta opened in July.