Kimball High School student Jakadrian Turner made international news recently. Not, unfortunately, for doing something good, but for being deported mistakenly to Columbia. There was some outrage in the way of “How could the immigration service let this happen to a 15-year-old?!” It is an amazing story. I won’t be surprised to see the fictionalized version on Lifetime Movie Network, and when that happens, I will DVR that thing and pore over every second of it. But I am not outraged. The girl, who is only 15, ran away from home, was charged with shoplifting in Houston and lied to federal officials about her identity. What would Judge Judy say? I am pretty sure it would be something like: “So? You did something stupid. It’s your fault!” I’m glad Turner is back home and OK though.

Neighborhood residents Bill Cates and Russ Peters own Peters Cates Design, and their Stevens Park Village home recently was featured in D Magazine.

Theater Jones has the scoop on TeCo Theatrical Productions’ Diaspora Lecture Series.

Dublin Dr. Pepper, sadly, is a thing of the past. Tony Font of the Soda Gallery laments to City of Ate.

Speaking of things that are no longer, City of Ate reviewed Cuquita’s in Farmers Branch. We’re still holding a grudge about that dumb thing their former mayor said about Oak Cliff, and this doesn’t really have anything to do with the neighborhood except, you guys, I miss Cuquita’s.

And here is a Q&A City of Ate did with Bolsa chef Jeff Harris.