This restaurant in a renovated old house at West Davis and Madison, behind the new Gloria’s, opened this past weekend.

I popped in for drinks with my bestie Saturday afternoon. Problem is, she’s pregnant and I’m on a weight-loss diet that forbids alcohol, sugar and simple carbohydrates. We’re about as much fun as watching educational childbirth videos on a Greyhound trip. OK, slightly more fun than that, but still, I ordered iced tea and stirred in a packet of Splenda. The mom-to-be ordered water.

The 303 has a pretty good beer selection. All the usual suspects, you know, Dos Equis and whatnot, plus a few craft brews. The rocks margaritas our server brought to the next table looked delightful.

The menu is interesting. It’s like typical bar food with a little something extra. Seafood mac and cheese is a starter. There are about 10 sandwiches, including one with pulled-pork and several burgers. And they all come with fries that are tossed in duck fat. I’m so having that once I’m not eating like a Kardashian.

Instead, I ordered Kale Fries. Kale fries is pieces of kale that are thrown in a deep fryer and then seasoned with salt, pepper and spices. It tasted pretty good for fried kale, but I couldn’t help feeling like I was in a Woody Allen movie, like, I’ll just be over here eating my fried kale.

Pregs ordered seafood croquettes, which came three two an order. I didn’t taste them because I’m too Hollywood for you people now, but she didn’t seem all that jazzed about them.

It looks like they are going for a modern pub menu. The service was great, and the space is lovely.

First, the building is painted this serene shade of green. The patio wraps around two sides of the building, and French doors open the whole place up to outdoors. We sat outside near the fireplace. Check out these pictures from the 303 Bar and Grill Facebook page: