Sunset Hill is the neighborhood behind Sunset High School, and it was platted and developed in 1911.

Neighbors there are reorganizing their neighborhood association, starting with a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7 at Calvary Baptist Church.

Kessler Resident Bob Young of the Young Co. designed this logo for the neighborhood:

Here is an old plat of the neighborhood:

A July 5, 1911 Dallas Morning News story reported that 160 families had bought lots in Sunset Hill, “west of Oak Cliff.” The total for those 160 lots was $120,000, which averages to $750 apiece. Sunset Hill was a suburb at that time, and in 1913, residents were working to install macadam streets and sidewalks. A streetcar line was being expanded into the neighborhood, at Tenth and Marlborough, which later would become known as The Boundary.

Dallas annexed Sunset Hill in August 1915. Rosemont was annexed at the same time, which increased the city’s taxable value by a total of $700,000.