Main Post Office to stay open for customers

The mail-processing operation at the Main Post Office on Interstate 30 at Sylvan is moving to Fort Worth, the Dallas Business Journal reports. Our mail, with zip codes starting 752, will be processed in Fort Worth.

But the West Dallas post office will remain open to serve customers.

The U.S. Postal service conducted a study to determine which post offices to close nationwide, in an effort to stop the devastating bleeding from its money-sucking wounds. The postal service lost $3.3 billion in the three months ending in December. That’s $1.1 billion a month.

In a community meeting in December, a local postal service official said the West Dallas processing center was selected for closure because it has more value in the real estate market.


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  • “More value in the real estate market”? Dang it, I TOLD everyone, *don’t* tell your North Dallas friends about Oak Cliff, so we can keep it to ourselves. Now look what you’ve done! 😉

  • Sorry for the confusion. In December, postal officials were saying that the Main Post Office likely would close because, for one thing, the real estate is more valuable there than the Fort Worth processing center. They’ve decided to keep it open for customer service, but it is a huge mail processing plant. I would not be surprised if it closes entirely sooner than later.

  • Your article contradicts itself. in one sentence you say “But the West Dallas post office will remain open to serve customers.” but yet just a few lines down it says “The Main Post Office on Interstate 30 at Sylvan has more potential value in the real estate market and would garner more cash in a sale”.
    Can’t have it both ways folks. It might stay open until it sells?

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