Police shot a dog wreaking havoc on the Bishop Arts area around 5 p.m. Thursday, resulting in one dead dog, one hospitalized police officer and one bystander who possibly was shot accidentally.

Police answered a call that two dogs were attacking people in the neighborhood near 12th and Llewellyn. Patrol officers found the dogs surrounding a 60-year-old man in a wheelchair near Eighth and Llewellyn. An officer fired on one of the dogs, which later died. The second dog ran off.

One officer was bitten amid the melee and later went to the hospital. The man in the wheelchair also went to the hospital with a knee injury. It’s unclear whether he was accidentally shot or injured another way.

Loose dogs can be a problem in our neighborhood. Since I moved to Oak Cliff less than three years ago, loose dogs have attacked my dog four times on our daily walks, twice in Sunset Hill and twice in the neighborhood where this shooting happened. Twice she was seriously injured and had to go to the doggie ER. We see a lot of stray dogs on our walks too, which is heartbreaking, but the dogs who attack are never strays; they’re always someone’s dogs who got loose. And that’s true of the dogs who attacked Thursday, according to Avi Selk’s report in the DMN.