Friend of the Advocate Lisa Keith shared this map on Facebook, along with a succinct rant about elitism in 75208. There is more to Oak Cliff than the ’08, is her point. This is the map, which I’d never seen before, of the 31 neighborhoods included in the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League.

Keith, who lives in Oak Park Estates (No. 21 on the map), says she feels a sense of neighborhood discrimination from certain Winnetka Heighters and Kings Highway-ites, who don’t consider her neighborhood part of Oak Cliff. That she’s so offended by it shows how much she feels Oak Cliff is part of her identity. She’s got Oak Cliff in her heart.

We noticed there are two neighborhoods on this map, Glenn Oaks and Oakland Terrace, that are not part of the Advocate’s coverage area. Our boundary is Ledbetter, although there are exceptions.

There is one neighborhood here, Ruthmeade Place, that I’ve never actually heard of before. We also didn’t know that the neighborhood south of 12th Street is called South Winnetka Heights.

I live in 75208, and I take Keith’s complaint to heart. Sometimes I worry we write too much about Bishop Arts and Winnetka Heights and not enough about Kiest Park and Wynnewood. The map helps, though.