Did you see the photo of Union Terminal Park in March’s magazine? The park no longer exists — the Downtown Hyatt Regency is now on the site — but it brought back memories for neighbor Stuart Reed, who says he remembers the park well:

“During the ’30s and ’40s, while Spring Training was in session for the Major Leagues, many teams going east would stop at Union Station for an exhibition game then get back on the train and continue on their way. In 1955, I had the good fortune to play fast-pitch softball against a team called ‘The King and his Court’ at that very field.

The crowd was around 4,000 people who were drawn from all around the city since we had been selected to the 1955 All-Star Softball Team. The King and his Court were made up of four players (a catcher, pitcher, first base, and outfielder). We knew we were in trouble when the pitcher knelt down (on both knees) at second base, put on a blindfold and proceeded to strike out the first nine batters in a row! Talk about being humbled!

The final score? We got two foul balls the whole game and lost 5-0. I don’t think they even worked up a sweat! After the game, we were glad to see them board the train to play another (“All Star”) team somewhere else that thought they were pretty good.

Thanks for the memory.”