The Greiner Middle School Yellow Jackets won the city championship Saturday in a 16-6 win over Seagoville. Umpires evoked the 10-run mercy rule after the fifth inning.

Selicia Olivarez scored two runs on two hits with four runs batted in. Eighth-grade pitcher Mia Ramos threw seven strike-outs, allowed only one earned run and scored three runs on four hits with four RBIs.

The softball team is:  Coach Grafford, Coach Vent, Miranda Tellez, Klarissa Pena, Sofia Liendo, Mia Ramos, Alexa Sanchez, Selicia Olivarez, Alyssa Reyes, Amber Hernandez, Belicia Rojas, Zaira Martinez, Pamela Alvarado, Janet Villegas, Alexis Gomez, Carla Sepulveda, Desiree Sanchez, Lilly Romero, Rebecca Romero and Lisa Torres.

Thanks to softball mom Flo Hernandez for keeping us in the loop.

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