Did your power turn on and off several times last night? Oncor tells NBCDFW that as many as 3,000 homes were without power or lost power intermittently after a car hit a utility pole at about 4 this morning. Some homes in Oak Cliff still are without power today, but everything is expected to be fixed by 4:30 p.m.

Even weirder and more frustrating, is the double-deck cattle truck that overturned on Interstate 35 at Colorado about 1:15 this morning. The highway is closed, and all northbound traffic is being diverted through Oak Cliff into downtown, via the Jefferson Street Viaduct.

CBSDFW reports there were 89 cows, and several of them wound up, dazed and confused, on the highway after the crash. The truck driver told the TV station that cows on the top level of the truck got loose and caused the truck to become unbalanced. No people were injured in the crash, but about half the cattle had to be euthanized.