Emporium Pies is shaping up to be quite a little gingerbread house. Young entrepreneurs Megan Wilkes and Mary Gauntt plan to open their bakery storefront at 314 N. Bishop as early as September. The women started their business last year, baking pies for restaurants, including Oddfellows. And they opened a pop-up shop during Oak Cliff Mardi Gras before banking on 314 N. Bishop as a permanent home a few months ago.

The space is getting an industrial kitchen, among other major updates. But we noticed the exterior is shaping up nicely.

Wilkes says it was their landlord, David Spence of Good Space, who suggested adding pie-centric details on the shutters and railings. Cutouts in the shutters are shaped like pie spatulas, and the railings have little pie shapes. Cute! Next, we think they should change the address to 3.14 N. Bishop.